alhamduLILLAH.....HO gya g ho gya GAT pass ho hi gya.... ballay ballay

Alhamdulillah I passed my GAT test.. The result was announced on 24 Ramazan 14-08-2012, Result was announce with a delay of a day. but the result was really shocking to me when i saw 25 in maths... but that was mistake in interpretation, anyhow score was 25 in analytical its a really technical and time taking portion and alhamduLILLAH i did well in this... But English was good with a score of 24... again I would say all was due to " BARKAT OF RAMAZAN"
A previous test after performing badly I said I'll do it :P, I did but was not up to the mark. I desperately submitted forms for Aug 5 test. Me and abdul Rauf planned to prepare jointly but daily like a typical Pakistani style "Yaar inshaALLAH kal pakka" Aj ni yaar kal" at last we did three days 2-4 PM with the awais lovely  :P almost the given time will be 30-45 mins daily and alhamduLILLAH we both did a good  score....

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